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Inner Alchemy : Fees and scheduling


One 60 mins session is : $55. | Pay ahead for three 60mins sessions : $150 (instead of $165).

You can by pay (preferred ) by Venmo:
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or by Card:
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Inner Alchemy session is live one-on-one session using zoom meeting. Once your payment is received I will contact you within 24 hours with available days/times to schedule our session.

Cancellation Policy: We realize that many things come up or can go wrong in peoples’ lives. We will not charge any fees if appointment is reschedule by email/text at least 48 hrs. prior to the appointment time. 50% of fees will be charged if appointment is rescheduled on same day and 100% of fees will be charged for “no show.” There is no refund after the session. While truly sympathetic, as a small business, we cannot change our policy regardless of the reason for your cancellation.

Traditional Medicine : Services and fees

Every session is personalized based on the assessment based on Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine inquiry, evaluation of patients’ needs, constitution, and comfort. Please, text or email to make an appointment.

I integrate Ayurveda, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to  resolve health issues effectively. In my practice I will assess your health by integrating the eight principles of diagnosis in Oriental Medicine (Cold and Heat, Deficiency and Excess, Interior and Exterior, Yin and Yang) with three aspects of AyurVedic diagnostics (Darshana, Sparshana, Prashna). I do this using intake of questions, analysis of pulse, Jyotish birthchart, tongue, organs and channels. I will also correlate my findings with your biomedicine markers if you have any recent lab results of your blood and endocrine system or other biomarkers.

Please text, or email to schedule an appointment:
Address: 210 71st St., Miami Beach. FL 33141
venmo, zelle, and paypal also accepted.

I offer house calls in Miami & Ft. Lauderdale area*.

*Additional fee will be charged (from $45 to $90) for house calls depending on the distance from North Miami Beach offfice..

I offer online consultation for Ayurvedic diet, herbal consults, and Jyotish astrology readings.

Services and Fees

Based on the detailed context of your constitution, current health, illness pattern and your needs and comfort, I will recommend a treatment plan that can include diet & lifestyle modification, herbal formulations and integrative sessions that combines acupuncture & moxibustion, AyurVedic marma treatments with CranioSacral healing work.

My fees are based on session time ($85/hr). Consulting (herbal/diet/lifestyle) is $80/hr. Integrated Treatment sessions are $80/60min. Initial session is either 120min /$160 or 90min /$120. Below is list of some of my services and fees. Please, email or text me if you require me to customized any of these services for your needs & comfort.

  #ServicesDuration Fees
  1Acupuncture + CranioSacral Work60 / 90 minutes $85 / $127
  2Acupuncture +  Ayurveda Marma Work (essential oil)60 / 90 minutes$85 / $127
  3Acupuncture + CranioSacral + Ayurveda Marma (e-oil)60 / 90 minutes $85 / $127
  4Acupuncture + Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda Herbal Consult 90 minutes $127
  5 Acupuncture + CranioSacral + Ayurveda Marma (e-oil) + Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda Herbal Consult 120 minutes $170
  6Diet & LifeStyle Consult (Ayurveda + Chinese Medicine) 60 minutes $85
  7Vedic Astrology Consult (Jyotish) 90 minutes $127

Acupuncture with CranioSacral Work Craniosacral Work or Cranial Healing is an ancient way to balance qi (life energies) and fluids in Craniosacral System. In my practice I use the potency of Stillness and Acupuncture to harmonize the movement of qi (life energy) in subtle channels and body fluids. CranioSacral Healing is performed in a sacred space in loose comfortable clothing. In a meditative state, I will gently and mindfully work on various energetic points of cranium, face, mouth, jaw, neck, shoulders and back to balance the movement of qi and fluids in the Craniosacral System. It helps with TMJ pain, headaches, migraines, neck & back pain, whiplash, sleep disorders, stress anxiety, depression and more…

Acupuncture with Essential oils In this session I integrate Siddha Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Essential Oils. After acupuncture session, I use medicated essential oils on nadis (subtle channels), marmas points and acupuncture points to treat physical pain, emotional afflictions, and enhance body’s innate ability to heal and rejuvenate . This helps in resolving any chronic pain and/or toxic emotions. This treatment session can benefit in resolving wide range of physical pain and emotional conditions.

Acupuncture and CranioSacral Work with Essential Oils – my premium healing work The practice of using Essential oils to calm the mind, heal the body and uplift the spirit has been used by ancient cultures for thousands of years. The ancient Chinese, Egyptians and Indians all used essential oils to heal emotional distress, treat physical afflictions, and enhance spiritual awareness. In this healing session I integrate Siddha-Ayurveda(Nadi-subtle channels and Marma-subtle areas), Essential oils (Therapeutic Aromatherapy/Essential oils) and CranioSacral Healing with Acupuncture. Ayurveda healing combined with Essential Oils helps in relaxing your whole body and nourish your muscles and tendons. CranioSacral healing helps to rejuvenate your spirit and resolve any chronic pain and/or toxic emotions. Acupuncture treatment helps to regulate flow of vital energy and enhance the body’s innate ability to heal. This healing session can benefit in resolving wide range of physical and emotional conditions. It will also help in restoring and maintaining health and wellness of your whole being.

Lifestyle and Wellness Consultation using Siddha Ayurveda The goal of Ayurveda is to achieve health by maintaining balance and harmony, not by fighting disease. Ayurveda promotes the importance of physical and emotional balance, mental well-being, environmental mindfulness and spiritual awareness in creating holistic health and wellness. This consulting session will include Ayurvedic inquiry based on Siddha tradition and provide you recommendations for Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs, diet/nutritional and lifestyle changes. The recommendations will be to support with your Ayruvedic constitution, address imbalances, and to restore & maintain your health and wellbeing.

Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) Consultation Vedic astrology (Jyotish) originates from the Vedas, it offers a way to live in harmony with cosmic vibrations. It is a sidereal system of astrology that has been practiced for many centuries in India. The word Jyotish derives from root word ‘Jyoti’ means ‘light’. It’s the vibrations of light which are emitted from the celestial bodies and interact with our ability to perceive and also allow us to look deeper into the subtle aspects of life, archetypal patterns and unconscious tendencies. The focus of Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) readings may include insights into understanding of one’s Life-path, physical conditions, chronic mental suffering, and toxic relationships.

Cancellation Policy for Treatment and Consultation Sessions: Missed appointments and last minute cancellations disrupt both the clinic and other patients. The acupuncturist doesn’t get paid for that time, other patients in need are unable to schedule, and on busy days, we have turned people away who were in need of treatment because we expected you to be there. Thank you in advance for helping us keep things running smoothly and productively!

We realize that many things come up or can go wrong in peoples’ lives. We will not charge any fees if appointment is cancelled by email/text/call at least 24 hrs. prior to the appointment time. 50% of fees will be charged if appointment is cancelled on same day and 100% of fees will be charged for “no show.” While truly sympathetic, as a small business, we cannot change our policy regardless of the reason for your cancellation.