Core Link and Primal Midline

When our awareness is centered in primal midline, we feel the bliss of wholeness in the present moment.

Core Link

The primal midline is referred by many names in different healing traditions, Sushmana in Yoga, Avadhuti in Siddha, Zhong Mai in Daoism. All healing work is directly or indirectly linked to primal midline. The primal midline with its toroid shaped subtle biofield manifests as a universal phenomenon guiding development of living being throughout life.

In the embryo, at day fourteen, the primitive streak and then the notochord form along the primal midline. The path of the notochord is through the centers of the vertebral bodies and discs, and remnants of the notochord have been said to remain in the centers of the intervertebral discs.

In the early 20th century Dr. Sutherland, an osteopath, discovered bones of the skull connect to the sacrum along the primal midline. He called that the core link. The core link is made up of the skull, the spinal cord, the dura mater and the sacrum. Classically dural tube is called the core link.

The dural tube is the structure that links the whole tissue field as all membrane, fascia, and connective tissues in the body. The dural tube is continuous with the inner layer of meninges that surrounds the brain. It follows and surrounds the spinal cord as it leaves the cranium, extending all the way down into the sacral canal between the cranium and pelvis. The dural tube expresses a natural reciprocal tension throughout its form and motility. The core link naturally rises and settles in the inhalation and exhalation phases of cranial tides.


In Siddha tradition of India, the ultimate reality and its source is considered vibrational in nature. Behind all the rhythms of life is one and the same vibration pervading the body and the universe, one and the same power reverberating upon every level, from the highest mystical power experienced in the form of cranial tides to beating of our heart. The experience of turning our awareness inward and attuning with potency of primary respiration flowing through core link is the key aspect of craniosacral healing work.

Potency is the craniosacral term for innate power. Potency is a beautiful term that is not overused in day-to-day life; it speaks of a sense of inherent potential and power. It can be experienced as luminous, fiery, wind like, a mist, wave like tingling to name a few common themes.

The core link is one of the foundations of CranioSacral work. The core link transmutes potency to all cells in the body. It also connects the subtle body with cosmos and is the central pathway of our emotional and spiritual unfolding.

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