Stillness: The Essence of Healing.

“Still the body, still the mind, still the voice inside;
in silence, feel the Stillness move.
Dear friends, this feeling cannot be imagined.” -Kabir.

People often ask me “how do I integrate Vedik healing and Craniosacral Healing?” And do I think, “Is Cranial Wave same as Prana?” To me it is very simple. The essence of both is same: The Stillness!The Stillness brings the shift-in-awareness that makes healing happen naturally.Dr. William G. Sutherland (1873-1954), the father of Osteopathy In The Cranial Field, summarized the foundation of Craniosacral work in his last words marked on his gravestone: “BE STILL AND KNOW”.Approximately two thousand years before Dr. Sutherland a famous seer in India, Sage Patanjali complied Yoga Sutra and said:

“The purpose of Yoga is to achieve Stillness in Chitta (Mind). Then (through Stillness), the Seer resides in their True-Self.“

The Stillness that Dr. Sutherland or Patanjali are describing is not about the withdrawal of mind from phenomena or objects of the worlds. If they did then deep sleep and fainting would involve the realization of true Self and healing.

The Stillness that has the potential of healing and unraveling the nature of our true-self is a dynamic state of equanimous-mind in the present moment. In this dynamic state , the Self as Dalai Lama says, is reveled as, “Self Luminous and all Knowing”; hence the saying, “be still and know”. Vedanta also describes nature of our Self as Blissful Stillness (Ayam Atama Shantah).