Engaging the Subtle

We feel ourselves to be solid, yet we feel nervous about our insubstantial thoughts, sensations, and feelings.

We perceive our world to the be stable and coherent at a moment; and in next, the whole fabric of our life-event can seem trifle or questionable.

We seem to continually struggle “in the gap”, between substantial or physical aspect of our body and insubstantial or subtle aspect of thoughts, sensations, and feelings.

The Sanskrit word for ‘subtle’ is लिंग and Chinese word is 靈 and both words (लिंग and 靈 ) are pronounced : Líng

लिंग 靈 Líng is described in a similar way in both Indian and Chinese medicine: the numinous or sacred and luminous aspect of ourselves. It is the insubstantial and subtle aspect which links our physical or earthly nature with spiritual or heavenly nature.

In Siddha tradition the individual subtle body is part or drop of cosmic subtle body which is referred as the Great Mother or Great Goddess. It is not an abstract or imaginary concept. The Great Mother or her subtle presence is experienced as the resonance in all of phenomena. She is the source of all movements, music, incantations… She is present everywhere like fragrance is in every flower and every being.

All Siddha and Wu rituals are meant to engage with our subtle.

We exist in a continual flux or the Great Mother. We move and are moved, by the dance of appearances – in the limitless subtle pattern of creation and dissolution.

In both medicines the Líng or Subtle plays key role in maintaining our health and wellness, and often chronic ailment are rooted in the imbalance pattern of subtle.

According Daoist inner alchemy traditions if our awareness is disconnected from subtle or if we don’t experience the innate luminosity and spaciousness of subtle or Líng then we experience inner alienation, boredom, sense of discomfort and anxiety or depression in being ourselves.

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