Inner Alchemy Practice

Health, Longevity and Deep Transformation

A healer is the child of an alchemist. ~ Siddha Proverb

What is Inner Alchemy?

Alchemy is as an ancient art and science of transformation.

Inner Alchemy – the art and science of inner transformation. Inner alchemy is art of consciously engaging in the practices called “inner work” that allows our awareness to touch the subtle level of being to bring inner transformation.

The ultimate goal of inner alchemical healing is to awaken a shift in the consciousness. When we move from the ordinary perception of everyday life to an expanded alchemical awareness — an illumination that may last for a moment or a lifetime — we start to perceive the meaning and beauty of the wholeness and that opens up new possibilities to challenging symptoms and conditions.

Inner alchemy considers health and wellness as a living inner process that requires regular ongoing engagement, rather than a fixed set of externally imposed rules to follow or something we depend on others to provide.

The inner alchemy healing combines my knowledge of Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, Yoga philosophy, Siddha healing practices, with principles and tools drawn from ancient alchemy and modern mind-body medicine as well as energy medicine and mindful awareness practices.

Through the integration of these various systems, I have crafted an approach to healing that addresses complex psychosomatic, psychospiritual, and emotional issues that people face at this time of crisis on the planet.

Alchemical Healing is not a replacement for Western medicine, traditional psychotherapy, Chinese medicine, or Ayurveda. Rather, it offers a way to work with the subtle body or energetic body, to help resolve nonphysical forms of human distress, emotional pain, and psychic imbalances, and longings that are often unresponsive to conventional techniques.

Alchemical Healing is based on a view that there is an innate wholeness within that guides us toward our own healing, growth, and fulfillment. Inner alchemy rest on the Foundations of Stillness. Stillness is at the core of all beings and all things. Stillness is neither empty, not static, nor nothingness. Stillness is the luminous unending wholeness.

Inner alchemy is not about transcending or overcoming this world, or this body, but to learn how to be in both. The goal of inner alchemy session is to help you focus your full attention on the inside of your body until it wakes up and feels fully alive and well. The goal is not to get back to old state of status quo but rather to discover what you need to change in order to achieve optimal health and more meaningful life.

The inner alchemy opens up our inner space for more growth and healing. It is not restoring balance or going back to the status quo, it is about shifting our awareness which leads to deeper fulfillment.

The role of inner alchemy is vast from transformational healing to the awakening of inner blissful states.

Alchemical Healing may be combined with other forms of medicine or used on its own when the conventional medicine treatments are not indicated or have already achieved their appropriate goals.

Why Inner Alchemy?

Do you, or someone you know, experience one or more of these?

Anxiety and Depression: If you’ve felt anxious or depressed, or you’ve been fixating on worst-case scenarios.

Chronic stress, aches & pain: Acute or short-lived feelings of stress and pain are a regular part of daily life. However, when these feelings become chronic or long-lasting, they impact your health. Symptoms can range from irritability, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, disorganized thoughts, difficulty sleeping, digestive problems, feeling helpless or a perceived loss of control, low self-esteem, and low libido.

Emotional stagnation: your inner life feels like a desert, a place overwhelming sensations and at the same time tasteless and dry.

Feelings of being stuck: You are pushing through in the world, trying harder at work, focusing more on relationship or recommitting to the gym, etc., nothing seems to resolve the feeling of being stuck. It feels that everything life brings is only a variation of the same old themes. You can no longer feel fully alive.

Feeling of disconnect: Your mind continuously churns out thoughts about all things from past and around and you feel disconnected and distracted from what’s happening in present moment.

Feeling of dissatisfaction and numbness: You are physically, financially, and socially comfortable, but deep inside there is a feeling of dissatisfaction and numbness that lingers on, irrespective of all the achievements and celebrations in life.

Self Discovery: Are looking for ways to get to know the “true you” or find ways to go inwards for clarity and self-discovery?

If you said yes to one or more of the above then inner alchemy sessions are for you.

What happens during the Inner Alchemy session?

Inner Alchemy session is live one-on-one session using zoom meeting.

Session is between 50 to 60 Minutes
We spend 15 to 20 mins in discussing of your overall health as you present today. This is based on Siddha and Daoist medicine. The guided inner practice will be 25 to 35 mins followed by few mins of post session discussion.

Sit in the comfort of your home
You will be sitting in your comfortable posture supported by your props (pillows, bolsters and blankets). Wear comfortable lose clothing.

Instructions are simple
Unlike yoga or complex meditation the instructions are simple. You will be guided by my instructions that are personalized for your inner healing journey and transformation. You may be asked to touch or tap energetic acupuncture or marma points on your hands/arms and/or legs/feet. I will guide you to exact location through simple instructions.

Every Inner Alchemy session is different
Sometimes inner alchemy session can be incredibly relaxing, and sometimes it can be restless, or frustration may come up. Every session will be different. It’s important not impose any expectations of outcomes on yourself. Sometimes when we get still, especially if we are going through some underlying stress or if we’ve been pushing some feelings away, things may come up when we get quiet and you may feel them more.

It is not about becoming good at inner alchemy practice. I love the saying “we don’t sit for inner work to get good at it, we site to become fully alive”.

Curiosity and open mind are the best way to approach the inner practice, so do your best to keep an open mind, try out and see how well this works for you.

“It resets your body system by restoring your natural breath making each organ start to function better under less stress and having more blood flow because you can feel all of the movement of energy in the flow to organs and channels and feel breath slow and feel calmer throughout the day.” ~ CB. CA.

It’s an Investment
Sitting for 60min may sound like a lot but when you regularly do inner work then it will show up in your life. It’s an investment into your self-healing and self-discovery, which will ultimately benefit the rest of your life.

Come along and sit with me for a while.

Inner Alchemy : Fees and scheduling

Fees & Scheduling

Inner Alchemy session is live one-on-one session using zoom meeting. Once your payment is received I will contact you within 24 hours with available days/times to schedule our session.

Follow this link to make payment for inner alchemy session:

Cancellation Policy: We realize that many things come up or can go wrong in peoples’ lives. We will not charge any fees if appointment is reschedule by email/text at least 48 hrs. prior to the appointment time. 50% of fees will be charged if appointment is rescheduled on same day and 100% of fees will be charged for “no show.” There is no refund after the session. While truly sympathetic, as a small business, we cannot change our policy regardless of the reason for your cancellation.

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