Kundalini and Primal Midline

Most new age translations imply that kuṇḍalinī is some mystical energy coiled and locked at the tail end of our spine.

There is a widespread but false belief that we have to release kuṇḍalinī by doing rapid deep breathing or concentrate between eyebrows or do some crazy yoga or chant secret mantras or visualize deities or receive an activation session, to awaken the energy hiding in tailbone which then raises up and takes our consciousness to some higher planes for enlightenment.

Doing above might unbalance your mind and body but it won’t make you any less or more enlightened or mystical.

Many of the ever-increasing accounts and studies on kuṇḍalinī do not relate to the reality of experience. The most described experiences (sensation of heat, headaches, tingling, euphoria, increased appetite, hypersensitivity, etc.) are the results of imbalance of psychic fire or overstrain resulting from long periods of concentration, and unbalanced diet/lifestyle.

The classical yogic and Siddha text describe kuṇḍalinī as cosmic power or cosmic mother, subtly pulsating throughout the creation. So, it is not only in tailbone but also in our belly, heart, cranium, toes, fingers, everywhere.

She is power behind our entire inner and outer perceptual world. All of our seeking spiritual, material, ambitions, obsessions, cravings, actions to fulfill desires, physical, subtle, and mental health, are powered by this fountain of life flowing through our primal midline and whole being.

Kuṇḍalinī in craniosacral work can be understood as potency in primal midline.

According to osteopathic tradition, along the primal midline emanates a coherent field around which the structure and function are created and organized. The primal midline can be sensed throughout life as an tidal fluctuation descending and ascending through the brain-spinal cord, vertebral bodies and cranium.

According to Dr. Randolp Stone. DO., all healing must include an awareness of this midline, and it has stillness as the essence at its core.

We don’t have to awaken the kuṇḍalinī, she is already awake.

To feel her we have to center our awareness in the heart, and the stillness within we will experience the cosmic tide pulsating through us.

I offer workshops and treatment sessions to help you dive deeper into our own inner stillness for healing and transformation.

मध्यनाडी मध्यसंस्था बिससूत्राभरूपया। ध्यातान्तर्व्योमया देव्या तया देवः प्रकाशते । । ३५ । ।
In the middle, is the central channel, straight like a lotus stalk; meditating within its emptiness reveals all of the divinity. ~VigyanBhairav Tantra