Siddha CranioSacral Workshops

These intensive workshops are practical introduction to the foundation theory and practice of Craniosacral Work (CSW). CSW is a form of gentle bodywork which grew out of Dr. William G. Sutherland’s work on Cranial Osteopathy, a specialization of Osteopathic Medicine. Many people consider CSW as energy-work or energy-healing.

As a distinct modality it focuses on working with Craniosacral System which is the environment surrounding nervous system (cranium bones, the vertebra and sacrum, the brain, the central nervous system, membranes inside the cranium and spinal column, and the cerebrospinal fluid.) CSW focus on supporting the health and wellness of the whole being.

These intensive workshops integrate craniosacral teachings with energetics of Eastern Medicine and Trika worldviews. All of these traditional practices all are grounded in the common view that our soma or embodied-self has two doors, one leads to the experiences of us as a separate and discrete body with its organs, bones, and functional parts, and the other door leads to the experiences of wholeness, organic unity, and direct perception of innate force-fields or breath-of-life that create and sustain forms.

Students will learn to develop perception skills and hands-on techniques to evaluate and follow the wholeness of Craniosacral System and positively affecting every aspect of the heart-mind, senses, and body. The hands-on work presented can be easily integrated with your own healing and contemplative practices or can be practiced as standalone work. 

CranioSacral Foundation Modules

The work is practical introduction to the foundation theory and practice of Craniosacral Work (CSW). CSW is a form of gentle bodywork which grew out of Dr. William G. Sutherland’s work on Cranial Osteopathy.

The focus of foundations modules (I, II and III), is to develop perceptual insight, clarity, and inner awareness of primary respiration which becomes the foundation of our healing work.

In each module we work with different set of primary bones to cultivate our awareness and insight of primary respiration and its potency.

We will be use classroom presentations to learn and understand the scope, theory and philosophical aspects of CSW. In-class demonstration and hands-on will follow the classroom presentations.

CranioSacral Foundations

All foundation modules can be taken independent of each other in any order.

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