The Great Stillness

Do you, or someone you know, experience one or more of the following?

Feelings of unbalance: Even after eating right and resting enough, you wake up feeling not completely ‘right’, feeling of something “off”, but you can’t put a finger on it. Physically all seems well but emotionally and energetically you feel an ongoing sense of discomfort within.

Chronic fatigue: All your lab works are unremarkable, but the fatigue doesn’t seem to go away; no matter how many energy drinks, superfoods, and supplements you take, you still feel fatigue in afternoon or wakeup tired.

Chronic dissatisfaction: You are physically, financially, and socially comfortable, but deep inside there is a feeling of dissatisfaction that lingers on, irrespective of all the achievements and celebrations in life.

Background malaise: Even after regular massages, yoga sessions, detoxing, and tantra meditations, you still continue to feel background tension and unease. You may often wake up with stiffness and foggy head.

Symptoms of chronic TMJ Pain, regular headaches and/or, migraines, PTSD, whiplash, sleep disorders, chronic stress, constant low level anxiety, low moods and depression, hormonal imbalances, mood swings, or addictions.

If you said yes to one or more of the above then according of Trika tradition these are symptoms of “loss of connection with fullness that resides in our Heart“.

If you are interested in learning to help yourself or people in your community using CranioSacral work and inner work from Trika tradition, then you are at right place.

Why I am telling you this?

I teach a series of transformative and healing workshops that focuses on exploration Subtle Body in Trika tradition and in CranioSacral Work to help with above symptoms. I teach them as 5 days intensive workshops in US and as part of 12 day immersion and retreat in Nepal and India.
If this interests you then connect with me on IG (@pranadoctor) where I will post my invites and info. on workshops and retreats.

Here is brief outline of workshops and overview of Prana Shakti in Trika or Siddha Tantra tradition.

Foundation Module (5days/40hrs): This is the foundation module of CranioSacral and subtle body work. This is open to anyone interested in subtle-body healing, inner-work or sacred retreat. In this level you will learn:

  • Art of sensing the subtle body and presence of PranaShakti. PranaShakti is a source of health, wellness, and personal transformation with us.
  • Origin and history of PranaShakti in Trika tradition and its relationship with CranioSacral Work
  • Hands-on work with craniosacral system (individual bones and whole being)
  • Working with the PranaShakti, which is the core aspect of this work, to help manage stress, anxiety, insomnia, tension headaches, and muscular pain.
  • Meditations to deepen our connection with the Heart and the Prana Shakti. The focus of foundation work is to settle in our heart and develop perceptual insight, clarity, and inner awareness of inner presence which becomes the foundation of our healing work.

At this foundation level you will learn to offer touch as a healing work. The touch can evoke an array of feelings and sensations. You will learn to actualize Cranial work that is non-imposing, unbiased, open and non-judgmental. This is a sacred and gentle touch work. Often people have never experienced touch in this way. This work comes from our heart-space, it’s a state of dynamic stillness that is not caught up with the conditioned or thinking mind.

Working with Wholeness (10days/80hrs): In this workshop we build on foundation work and work with Wholeness as the primary way of perception

  • Understand the three levels of being and perceptions from Prana Shakti and CranioSacral traditions.
  • Learn to work with Prana Shakti as Fluid Fluctuations in the subtle body.
  • Work with Extraordinary channels of Chinese Medicine using CranioSacral work for healing trauma and emotional stress.
  • Develop psyche meditative skills to work with oceanic awareness which becomes the context of working with different levels of psyche and subtle-body for emotional healing and transformation

Working with Non-dual (10days/80hrs): In this workshop we continue from Prana Shakti 2. This is for the people who are doing healing work. We dive deeper into Trika tradition and study classical text of Vijñāna Bhairava. The Vijñāna Bhairava is one of the core text of Trika tradition which originated in 9th CE India. Its primary goal is to bring the practitioner into the realm of luminous non-dual awareness of Oneness and work from there. You will learn:

  • Trika Philosophy and Meditative work from Vijñāna Bhairava
  • The practices to cultivate Non-dual Awareness.
  • Hands on healing work from the state of non-dual awareness.
  • To develop a compassionate and loving Heart and work from non-dual awareness which becomes the context of inner-healing practice and transformation.

What is is Trika Shakti?

Three channels (nadi)

Trika means ‘three’ and ‘shakti’ means dynamic power of consciousness. There is an intangible but palpable facet of us that isn’t the blood, flesh, organs, and bone; referred by many names in different traditions: prana kosha, subtle body, dream body, vajra body, rainbow body, or fluid body.

The three midline channels or inner body of light, or rainbow body is neither a metaphorical nor metaphysical concept. While this knowledge has been mostly forgotten, there is increasing evidence today (at least in some areas of medicine and science) that every cell of the human body has the capacity to store, utilize, and create light.

Subtle Body

The prana kosha or subtle body is an aspect of physical reality: we are literally made of light. Siddha Tantra, Ayurveda, Tibetan and Chinese Medicine traditions have known that the body draws light from the macrocosm of the universe and distributes it through the subtle channels or nadi into the microcosm of the organs, tissues, and cells.

Channels or nadis

In Ayurveda and Oriental Medicine we view body at a more subtle level than the restrictive approach of the ordinary physical body made of flesh, bones, organs and so on. At subtle level the whole being is seen as a network of channels (nadi or mai) organized around three (trika) primary central or midline channels. The channel network has many sub-channels or branches that originate from the three central channels, some are palpable while others are not.

The channels are pathways for circulation of the subtle vital forces (shakti) or winds (qi or prana) and consciousness (shen or chitta). The channels also carry the essence drops (jing or ojas) of the body and they provide space for the inner psychic fire (kundalini shakti or ming-men fire) to flow. The shakti that flows through these channels create different states of awareness.

Importance of PranaShakti

When our awareness moves towards the primary channels in midline, all our irritation, friction, discomfort, grindings dissolve and a sense of inner silence and emptiness arises.

The mindless chatter and the restlessness of reactive cravings, and frustration go away; instead a deep transformative stillness arises. This is not passive or static stillness but dynamic stillness that is state of fullness, coherence, and joy. It this state of awareness the inner shakti does all the healing work we discover the transformative fullness that resides in our Heart.

The shakti or inner fire or circulating light, or breath of life, moving in and out of each cell is essential to the health, vitality, and harmony of the whole being. The shakti holds our attention, leading to the quietude that has the potency for healing and transformation.

The prana shakti in three primary channels have innate rhythms that transform our state of consciousness, are often described as mysterious woman or dakini or breath-of-life, or winds, inner fire, or kundalini.

Stillness isn’t a practice of quieting the mind but rather a practice of collecting and entertaining of our awareness within midline which leads to quitetitude of heart.

The pranashakti within channels is not limited or bound within the physical boundary, it extends and connects with cosmos, nature, and all life around us.

Trika Shakti

It is this circulation of light that is the core of alchemy of rainbow body. In Daoist alchemy the circulation of light is rooted in the Mysterious Woman.

“You must know that there is an energy hub in the body called the Mysterious Woman. It is neither the heart, the kidneys, the mouth nor the nose. It is not the same as the spleen, stomach, anus, bladder, elixir field, or Niwan. Once you know this chi center, it becomes the core of everything… However, this center is boundless and neither located inside nor outside. Rather, it is the root of spirit and chi, the valley of emptiness and nonbeing. Just look for it inside the body; you cannot find it outside.” ~Zhang Boduan ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Dao gives birth to One
One gives birth to Two
Two give birth to Three
Three give birth to
ten-thousand things

~ Dao De Jing. Ch. 42.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu: “May all beings be happy and free” ❤️