The Midline : Zhong Mai

The midline. Zhong Mai. Madhaya Nadi. Avadhuti. Sushmana.

According to craniosacral tradition, along the primal midline emanates a coherent field around which the structure and function are created and organized. The primal midline can be sensed throughout life as an uprising force through the vertebral bodies and cranial base.

According to Dr. Randolp Stone. DO., all healing must include an awareness of this midline, and it has neuter essence at its core.

Primal midline is not limited to the physical spinal cord because it doesn’t have all the characteristics and qualities described in various healing traditions.

The middle channel or primal midline is in subtlebody and originates from a bulb (kandasthana), three inches below naval and reaches to the vertex of the head. Kandasthana is also the place of origin of Du Ma, Chong Mai, Ren Mai, and Zhong Mai acupuncture channels.

Primal midline, Sushmana, or Zhong Mai is the fountain of life within. When awareness settles there then the working of ordinary mind comes to an end. And we experience sense pure joy, love, fullness of life, harmony, clarity and deep connection with all beings.

In the middle, is the middle channel, straight like a lotus stalk; meditating within its emptiness reveals all of the divinity. ~VigyanBhairav Tantra
मध्यनाडी मध्यसंस्था बिससूत्राभरूपया।
ध्यातान्तर्व्योमया देव्या तया देवः प्रकाशते । । ३५ । ।

May all beings be happy!